Human Resources

As Variteks Human Resources team, our aim is; to bring the right people to our company, to support them in reaching their potential and to add value to them so that our company can achieve its goals. Our principle is to be fair in all rights provided to employees. Since 1958, Variteks Human Resources Department has strategic importance due to our anthropocentric management approach. We are glad to provide a fair and performance-oriented work environment for our employees with our consistent procedures and practices by complying with the rules of ethics, equality and confidentiality.

İnsan Kaynakları



Every individual in Variteks family is evaluated in the best positions where they can fulfill their skills. With the goal of gaining a family member when a new friend joins us; Variteks provides all the necessary support under the name of Orientation training.

Besides their own demands, the training of our employees is determined by their managers and Human Resources department. Appropriate trainings are organized to improve their professional skills and competencies, taking into account personal demands and needs.


Our company, which closely monitors the performance, evaluates the performance of our employees at least twice a year. With the final evaluation at the end of the year, performance grades are linked to a fairly organized award system after a fine study.

All ideas that increase the performance of our employees are of great importance. On this occasion, performance enhancing surveys are held at least twice a year; Performance is measured by evaluating not only the employee but also the company. In addition, career planning is featured for our high performing employees.


Although we emphasize how important the concept of family is for our company, regardless of the subordinate, our in-house activities that increase motivation are frequently held in order to make all our employees happy regardless of their duties, and to ensure that our employees do not only do business but work as if they are doing their own work.

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