REF: 901 Thigh High (Open Toe)
10 May 2017
REF: 900 Metal Stocking Donning Kit
10 May 2017

REF: 963 Pantyhose (Open Toe)

Product Features


High Compression

Helps reduce symptoms of;

• Chronic Venous Insufficiency associated with Post-Thrombotic Syndrome,

• Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT),

• Post-traumatic edema,

• Atrophie Blanche,

• After treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers and Stasis Dermatitis,

• After Sclerotherapy and Stripping,

• Recurrent and severe Varicosis.


Wearing Satin

• Wearing Satin is put on the foot for open toe before wearing the stocking.

• Stocking can be worn easily.

• It can be removed holding from toe part.