REF: 905 Knee High (Closed Toe)
10 May 2017
REF: 903 Pantyhose (Closed Toe)
10 May 2017

REF: 904 Thigh High (Closed Toe)

Medium Compression

• Varicosis marked by a tendency to edema.

• Post-traumatic swelling.

• Following treatment for light ulcers and superficial thrombophlebitis.

• Following sclerosis and surgical treatment of varicose veins.

• Severe pre-natal varicosis.


Advantage of aloe vera microcapsules

• Regeneration,

• Neutral Ph,

• Therapeutic properties.


Advantages of Microfiber:

• Microfiber is super soft to wear

• Gives full breathability.

• Removes moisture as it is produced.


Available in “beige” and “black” colors.