Anatomic Seating Cushion
6 May 2017
Seating Donut Cushion “D” Form
6 May 2017

CODE: 662 Wheelchair Seating Cushion

Product Features

Notes About Pillow and Cushion Range:

• The pillows are produced in two group: “Visko” and “polyurethane”.

• Orthopedic neck pillows are produced only from “Visco” material. Other pillows and cushions are produced from either “visco” and “polyurethane” material.

• The inner material of the pillows is 100% “visco” or 100% polyurethane depending on the group.

• Inner cover of the pillows and cushion can be washed thanks to the special design.

• The outer cover of the pillows and cushion are made from “bamboo” fabric.

• The outer part of the cover touching to the skin is 100% “bamboo”.

Advantages of Bamboo Fabric:

• Always keeps the skin dry, for it has 3-4 times more air permeability than cotton.

• Provides a feeling of extra softness.

• Naturally antibacterial.

• Anti-allergic.