Product Features

Advantage of Aloe Vera Microcapsules:

Neutral Ph,
Therapeutic properties.
Microcapsules, which is put inside the corsets and the varicose stockings, blow up and work through accordingly when the product is worn.
Fall of the perfume odor after a while during usage means that the microcapsules falls away.

Microfiber yarns which is used in varicose stockings:

Microfiber is super soft to wear.
Gives full breathability.
Removes moisture as it is produced.

Seamless Circular Knitting System

Our products, which is produced in the state-of-the-art German machines, provides support and comfort together thanks to the seamless circular knitting system.

Advantages of the silver yarn:

Speeds the treatment up by accelerating blood circulation.
Prevents the bad bacterium to generate, and removes the odor.


UNIFORM COMPRESSION: Neoprene provides compression support to damaged tissues because unlike elastic it streches in all directions, yet can not be overstretched.
HEAT RETENTION: Neoprene is a superb insulator which holds radiated body heat onto the affected area stimulating greater blood circulation and aiding a swift recovery.

Supersupport products are made from 100% neoprene, and help to prevent and treat injuries such as pulled muscles and strained tendons.
Inside the surface, which has sprial loops and is 100% cotton, stops sliding from the body, and provides absorbing of perspiration and air circulation.


WASHING PROCESS: If there are any metal stays, then they are removed, and washed without rubbing in the mild water with soap and by hand. It is dried in the room temperature on a towel.


USAGE: Varicose stockings are worn before getting up from the bed in the morning. They are reserved up to the heel part, and are worn towards to the up from the ankle slowly. Wearing and undressing the stocking must be fulfilled carefully. They must be prevent from any chemical material. WASHING PROCESS: After reversing the stockings, it is washed without rubbing in the mild water with soap. Using warm water, detergent or chlorine water is strictly prohibited. The varicose stockings are not squeezed. It is dried in the room temperature on a towel.